Thursday, November 29, 2012

Chic Silky Effect iPhone 5 Case With Monogram

Color Silk Fabric with Monogram iPhone 5 Case
Colorful Silky Fabric Effect with Monogram iPhone 5 Case

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Elegant Silky Satin Effect Cases With Your Monogram

This iPhone 5 Case features a colored silk fabric pattern effect with your choice of monogram in an elegant script in the circle at the center where the folds of the fabric meet. The main fabric fold colors are gold, dark red, orange, green and blue. The design is an image printed on the case; no silk is used. The Bagettes cosmetic bags and wristlets have a satin finish.

The design is available on a range of mobile cases, Rickshaw Messenger and Commuter bags, and on chic Baguettes wristlets and cosmetic bags at our Digital Dreams Store on Zazzle



Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Irish Telephone Box on iPhone 5 Case

Irish Public Telephone Box on iPhone 5 Case
Irish Public Telephone Box on an iPhone 5 Case

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An Irish Public Telephone Box on iPhone 5 Case

Sold on Zazzle. This iPhone 5 Case-mate case features a public telephone box of Ireland; a kiosk with cream beige walls and ceiling, and a door with small glass panes and dark green frames with the text in Irish Telefon above the kiosk door.

The original phone box upon which this illustration is based is located near the designer's birthplace in Ireland. One ironic observation is that this case protects a device that has over the years led to the decline of the public telephone in rural and urban Ireland; so its value is particularly poignant to those with an Irish heritage. We thank those who have bought a copy as a memory of a disappearing Irish tradition.

Easy to customize with your own initials or name.

The iPhone 5 Vibe version is shown, but the design is also on the Case Mate Barely There iPhone 5 Case, other iPhone cases and cases for Android phones, and the iPad Mini at our Zazzle Store.



Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Radiation Geiger Counter Effect on an iPhone 5 Case

Radioactivity Geiger Counter Effect on iPhone 5 Case

This iPhone 5 case with a simulated geiger counter effect offers a geeky solution for putting your fears of exposure to radioactivity to rest. Just set the indicator on the microsievert and millirem scale to a safe level and relax.

The design features the image of a radiation dosimeter dial with a scale in the range 1 - 100 microSieverts per hour (and the corresponding 1 - 10 milliREM dosage) as measures of radiation absorbed by the body, and a color scale from green to red representing the extent of exposure hazard. Over the dial is a blue indicator that gives a reading from the scale.

The case has a red brushed metal look with simulated rivets along the sides, and a radiation sticker and red button below the radiation counter. All the elements that comprise the design are customizable and easy to remove or move around or replace. You may add your own text and images using the Customize It button on the product page.

What is really neat is the blue indicator (the layer called 'geiger-indicator') that you can set anywhere along the scale from safe and green to living dangerously in the red. Move this indicator to your preferred setting before ordering. This feature is also available on some of the other cases offered.

Please note that the design is a printed image on the case and this case is a simulation; it does not measure radioactivity nor does it emit radiation.

Browse and shop for this design on a range of mobile phone cases, iPad and eReader sleeves.


Monday, November 12, 2012

Vintage California State Centennial 1850 - 1950 Commuter Bag

Vintage California 1850 - 1950 Centennial Commuter Bag

The design on the flap of this Rickshaw commuter and laptop bag gives the impression of a vintage envelope faded with age.  It bears a 3 cent stamp celebrating California's centennial of statehood in 1950, with a San Francisco postmark dated 1951.

The stamp, in hues of orange and yellow commemorate the 100 years of the state with images of 3 early pioneers; a couple standing in 19th century apparel, the man carrying a rifle and a hunting knife, and a prospector kneeling as he pans for gold. Surrounding images characterize life in the century between 1850 and 1950 - two yoked oxen, a steamship, oil rigs, oranges growing on a tree and grapes on a vine.

Easy to customize. Replace the placeholder text with your own name, initial or monogram, or use the Customize It button on the product page to customise further, changing the text font style, size, position and color as required. The mottled background layer may be removed and your own color scheme applied.

Please note that the stamp is not real. It is digitally enhanced printed image of an original in the designer's possession.

The design is also reproduced on a range of other products - adhesive labels, luggage tags, cases, sleeves and more. Browse and shop for this vintage California Centennial Design on a range of gifts at the store. No need to wait until 2050 to celebrate the next centennial.



Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Amazon Kindle Case with Integrated Circuit Board For Geeks

Cool Integrated Circuit Board Kindle Case

This Amazon Kindle eReader Case, for those with a geeky taste in electronics, features the image of parts of a printed integrated circuit board with electronic components, primarily resistors and capacitors, labelled in bright yellow on the surface with other components.

The design is also available on a range of cases, sleeves and laptop bags, and a range of consumer goods at our Zazzle store. Browse and shop for other gifts with this integrated circuit board effect.



Sunday, November 4, 2012

Cool Cases, Laptop Sleeves and Bags 25% OFF at Zazzle

25% OFF Cases, Skins and Messenger Bags

Zazzle's sale of 25% off protective cases, device skins and fashionable Messenger Bags to store your gear herald an early start to Black Friday, Cyber Monday deals and the holiday season.

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Offer is valid until November 9, 2012 at 11:59pm PT.

This offer does not apply to past purchases and may not be combined with any other Zazzle promotional or volume discount offers. If a volume discount applies to your order, you will receive either the discount set forth in this offer or the standard volume discount, whichever is greater.

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Note that this offer ends on November 9th.

There are other sales on at Zazzle. If you miss this one you have another opportunity to save on Rickshaw Messenger Bags with 20% OFF on a sale that ends on November 27th. Check out our Zazzle Sales Page for details of this offer and the link to our Device Skin Search.