Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bestselling Mobile Phone Cases At Zazzle For Christmas Gift Ideas

In this post we take a tour of some of the iPhone and other mobile phone cases (Samsung Galaxy, Blackberry Bold and Curve) that are currently selling well on Zazzle. They might help you decide on ideal Christmas gifts for yourself or loved ones.

Vintage iPhone Case With A Faded Brown Fabric Look

An old, worn, vintage look cute case with a faded brown fabric look is stylish, trendy and fashionable! Pretty floral scrolls and swirls adds to the custom design. Makes a wonderful gift for someone special, including yourself!

Wild Leopard Fur iPad Case

This stylish iPad case has the look of leopard's fur and its' natural beauty. This cool, unique iPad case cover has some added glamorous bling with three elegant, beautiful, strings or strands of diamonds across the entire case and a pretty jewel button in the center for an initial monogram that enhances the chic, trendy look. So real looking you can almost feel the fur texture! A wonderful, popular exotic looking iPad case for the animal lover~expensive looking without the expense!

3d Bee Bookworm iPod Touch

3d Bee is busy reading a good book

Damask vintage blue wallpaper iPhone 4S

A vintage damask turquoise and white wallpaper iPhone 4S case

Cool Sequins Look iPhone3 Case

Add any monogram initials to this cool silver sequins metallic look background pattern of a retro sparkling, shiny disco style mirror ball globe. This unique iPhone 3 case is decorative, cool, and fun! With matching iPad Case.

Beautiful Heart Of Diamonds iPhone4 Case

A beautiful big heart shape diamond look in the middle of this iPhone 4 case with a diamond shape shimmering silver background. This case has the look of expensive, real diamonds. The perfect, loving gift for that special someone! Nice for Valentine's Day, birthdays, anniversaries, or just for those who love some diamonds and bling!

Zebra Stripes In Hot Pink On iPod Touch

This iPod Touch Case-Mate Barely There case features cute zebra stripes in hot pink on a white background. Replace the name with your choice of name.

Easy to customize. Use the Customize It button to fully personalize the design. That way you can change the font style, size and color of the text. The background color behind the pink zebra stripes may be changed as well.

An elegant chic customizable case that's an ideal gift for yourself or someone close. Also available on mobile phone cases.

Keep Calm and Carry Om Blackberry Curve Case

This design merges together the concept of the motivational poster (Keep Calm and Carry On) produced by the British government's Ministry of Information in 1939 during the beginning of World War II with the mantra of Om (or Aum) that brings those who meditate closer to the cosmos and our existence; a combination that is intended to result in a state of calm in two very different ways.

The examples below show the cases in both a red and a black background; the background color can be changed.

Integrated Circuit Samsung Galaxy Case-Mate

This Samsung Galaxy Case-Mate case features a fashionable electronics design for those with a taste for gadgets; an integrated circuit board with pseudo electronic components.

It features a printed circuit board with labeled electronic components - resistors, capacitors, diodes - in an aesthetic art and design arrangement.

Ace Of Spades Case-Mate iPhone 4 ID Credit Card

A design for your Case-Mate iPhone 4 / 4S ID Credit Card case that features the Ace of Spades, traditionally regarded as the highest card in the deck of playing cards, seemingly inserted into the slot that holds up to two credit card sized cards.

This design makes the case complete and attractive even when ID or cards are not inserted in the case. It gives the impression that the card cover is transparent (it isn't) with the bulk of the playing card inside but partially visible behind the transparent cover.

Cute Emperor Penguin iPhone 4 Case-Mate Tough

This iPhone 4 Case-Mate Tough case features a cartoon of an Emperor Penguin in three colors: a black back and wings, white front, black and white eye, and orange feet and beak.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Integrated Circuit Board Effect on Samsung Galaxy and Blackberry Cases

At Zazzle we've just extended our product line of the very popular 'Integrated Circuit Board' effect to include Case-Mate cases for the Samsung Galaxy, the Blackberry Bold and the Blackberry Curve.

This design features a fashionable electronics design for those with a taste for gadgets; an integrated circuit board with pseudo electronic components. The printed circuit board has labeled electronic components - resistors, capacitors, diodes - in an aesthetic art and design arrangement.

The design appears on several gifts for the home and on clothing, and will be ideal gifts at Christmas and other times throughout the year for geeks and normal people with an interest in electronics and gadgets.

All gifts are easy to customize.

Here's the full range of gifts on which the design appears.

The Colorful Geeky Integrated Circuit Board Gift Range

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