Sunday, May 29, 2011

Photographer's SLR Camera On Your iPhone Case and Portable Doodle Speaker

Only at Zazzle! Impress others with this effect of a modern single lens reflex (SLR) camera on your iPhone 3G and 4 Speck hard cases, and on your matching portable Doodle mini music loudspeaker.

The retro design, based upon a model in the designer's possession, features a black and chrome camera body from around the 1970s, an SLR roll film camera. The chrome components of the body are etched with decorative scroll artwork above the lens and along the front base of the camera.

A Retro '70s Camera on iPhone Case and Portable Laptop Doodle Loudspeaker




Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Fun Graphic Equalizer & Visualizer For Your iPhone Case and Portable Speaker

Only at our Zazzle Store - Have fun using your iPhone and portable Doodle speaker as a colorful music visualizer and equalizer on this design. Imagine the visualizer and graphics equalizer images changing to the beat of the music.



You Can Choose The Visualizer Effect On Your Iphone Or Doodle Speaker

The visualizer layers are customizable. You can choose one of 5 preset images, or upload your own before ordering. The equalizer is optional too, and you can also add text - your name, favorite music etc. Re-brand, buy in bulk and re-sell to support your business or community cause. Here's a photo of the five visualizer images that come with both the iPhone case and the portable speaker, but you can upload your own image and use that instead. Customization and personalization details are on the product pages. Just click on an iPhone or the Doodle speaker images above to go there.

equalizer, visualizer,music,portable speaker,doodle speaker,iphone case

Friday, May 27, 2011

Search For Custom Doodle Portable Speakers On Zazzle

On Zazzle there are 40,950 customized Doodle loudspeakers available for sale at the time of writing. If you are looking for a portable speaker to plug your iPhone, cellphone or laptop into you have plenty of choice. The main category themes on Zazzle's Doodle Speaker landing page are a bit limited at the moment, although you could use the search bar to extend your search for themes that don't appear on the main speaker page.

What we've done here is used Zazzle Store Builder to present you with a much wider range of selection criteria from which to choose a custom doodle speaker that you can personalize with your own text and images.

The search form below will return pages of speakers, the most popular first, in a new window. As the Doodle is a relatively recent innovation some categories won't have many, or any, corresponding speakers. In this case the page will report Products temporarily unavailable.

Doodles are selected according to keywords (tags) in the product description, placed there by the designers. You'll find that many doodles that appear in your search results are not related to your search term. This reflects the designers' misuse of tags in the product descriptions.

Nevertheless, the search form will hopefully prove useful in your quest for a doodle that meets your needs.

The search form below can be used anytime as we have placed it in the sidebar to the left, along with the advanced iPhone theme search form.

Search By Holiday Season, Country or Zazzle Categories (Extended)

1. Select a theme from the list, or select ANY to show all

2. Press the 'Find them' button

3. Your selection will open in a new window

4. Return to this page to do a new search

5. Sometimes inappropriate themes will display; these products are incorrectly tagged

6. The search may return no results for a theme (Products temporarily unavailable),

     so why not create your own Doodle Speaker?

7. Twitter this, blog it, spread the word and tell your friends about this search facility

Friday, May 20, 2011

Matching US Stars and Stripes Flag On iPhone and Doodle Speaker

This cool iPhone hard case design gives the impression of a loudspeaker embedded in the cover. The image is of an exposed speaker cone, with its coil or dust cover at the center and ridges around the edge that would enable the speaker to vibrate if it were real. The speaker is textured and gives the impression of being recessed into the surface of the iPhone cover.

The loudspeaker surface is textured with the the flag of the USA, featuring the stars and stripes draped over the loudspeaker surface.

The texture follows the contours of the speaker components as if it were painted onto the surface. The effect of the recessed speaker is enhanced with a surrounding frame whose color you may change with the customization option.

You Can Change The Cover Surrounding The Speaker Design

The design is easy to personalize with the customization options for adding text or images. The design you see above shows a frame surrounding the embedded speaker effect. The frame can be either white, dark gray, or with a silver or gold gradient that you can switch between easily before ordering.

Matching Designs On Your iPhone Case And Your Portable Doodle Speaker

What's really cool is that this design is also available on a Doodle Speaker, a compatible portable speaker that is also easy to personalize. So you may wish to buy the matching pair of iPhone Case and Doodle portable speaker as an ideal gift for yourself or a loved one. You may also customize, re-brand and re-sell to promote your business or community's cause.

Here's the matching Doodle Speaker :

The Doodle Speaker is Here - 50% OFF - 4 Hours Only!

50% of the Doodle speaker net sale price will be deducted when one or more of any qualifying Doodle speakers are purchased and the coupon code DOODLEFFHS11 is applied at checkout on or before May 20, 2011 4:01pm PT.

20% of the Doodle speaker net sale price will be deducted when one or more of any qualifying Doodle speakers are purchased and the coupon code DOODLEFFHS11 is applied at checkout on or before May 22, 2011 11:59pm PT.

No discount will be applied after May 22, 2011. The net sale price is the price of the product (excluding shipping and taxes). This offer does not apply to past purchases and may not be combined with any other Zazzle promotional or volume discount offers. If a volume discount applies to your order, you will receive either the discount set forth in this offer or the standard volume discount, whichever is greater. Offer valid on only.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Lake At Innisfallen Killarney Ireland 1890 On Your iPhone

Peaceful Irish Lake Kerry & Mountains On iPhone Case

A vintage color photograph of the lake at Innisfallen, Killarney, Co Kerry, Ireland, taken circa 1890. The image shows a small boat and boatsman on the shore in the foreground underneath an old tree. The lake is peaceful and bright with the Kerry mountains in the background.

Easy to Customize. The iPhones have an optional white frame that you add to surround the design. An Ideal gift for those who love Ireland, its culture and its scenic mountains and lakes. Enhanced from a digital copy of an original photochrome print, PD, courtesy LOC.

A 19th Century Lake In Ireland On Matching Doodle Speakers

This design will also be offered on a Doodle Speaker so you may wish to consider buying the matching pair of iPhone or iPad Case and Doodle portable speaker as an ideal gift for yourself or a loved one. You'll be able to find your matching Doodle Speaker at our store from May 20th, 2011 when they are released.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Silver Steel Metal Cone Effect On Your iPhone 3 iPhone 4 and White iPhone

A Metallic Cone Effect of Silver Steel Gradient

This design features a smooth steel finish with a cone at the centre as seen from above. Based on our Libra Silver Line iPhone and iPad designs, without the Libra Zodiac scales visual element which is available at the Zodiac Shop on Zazzle.

Easy to customize with the Customize It button on the product page.

Friday, May 13, 2011

The Doodle Speakers For Zazzle - The First Ever Portable Speaker With Your Artwork And Photographs

If you like to take your music and audio books with you to listen to while relaxing on vacation, or for personal time on business trips in your hotel room, here's a gadget you won't be able to do without. It's a small lightweight pocket size portable loudspeaker, called the Doodle, with a standard headphone jack that plugs into your iPod, laptop, iPhone, cell phone or any other device for instant sound.

A USB cord is included. This allows your Doodle to draw power from the device it's plugged into so there's no need to worry about finding another power point adapter and socket to power it. If the power source is a problem then its a doddle for the doodle as it can be powered by 2 AAA batteries for 8 - 9 hrs of playtime.

What makes the Doodle special is that the artwork on the speaker cover is fully customizable. Made by OrigAudio, the Doodle is the first ever portable speaker that you can personalize with your very own art, photos and text. On long trips away from home the Doodle becomes your comfort zone as the sounds you listen to come from a speaker that bears familiar images of people and places close to you.

Customizing the Doodle Will Be A Doddle With Zazzle

From May 20th you'll be able to buy your own custom speaker from Zazzle. We will be offering a range of Doodle speaker covers that you may customize and personalize. May 20th will also be a first for Zazzle as the Doodle will be the first ever electronic device available for customization when added to the range of nearly 40 product types available with their production on demand technology.

We can give you a peek at what the speaker looks like. The image on the front is that of the Matterhorn, that famous snow-capped mountain in the Swiss Alps.

This, and any other Doodle with customization at Zazzle won't be available until May 20th, but the same design is already available for purchase on a range of Matterhorn gift products in our Zazzle Store, including the custom iPhone cases below.

OrigAudio Doodle Dimensions

Depth: 7/8 inches
Width: 2.5 inches
Length: 4.5 (1/16)
Weight: 9.6 ounces
Power: 2 AAA batteries ( 8-9 hrs play time) or a USB cord (included)
Works with ANY standard 3.5 mm. headphone jack audio product

Custom Doodle Speakers At The Digital Dreams Store

From May 20th 2012 at our Zazzle store you'll find designs that you can customize for your leisure time in your mobile lifestyle. There aren't any Doodle speakers there yet but we have set up a separate category for Doodle speaker when they are released. Here's the link to our Doodle speaker gifts category at the Zazzle store

A Cute Orangutan For Your iPhone or iPad

A Orang Utan At Rest On Grass

The design on this gift features an orangutan sitting on a grass clearing in sunshine posing with its left arm on its right shoulder.

Orang utans are primates and part of the great ape family that includes gorillas. Its hair is long and reddish-brown, the color distinguishing it from the brown or black hair typical of other great apes.

Though this orangutan is in a grass clearing they actually prefer trees. Orangutans are the largest of the arboreal (tree-living) animals. They are found, in the wild, only in the rain forests of Indonesia and Malaysia. There are only two species remaining and both are endangered - the Bornean Orangutan and the Sumatran Orangutan. Orangutans are normally herbivorous with a diet of fruit and plants, but they will also eat insects and small animals.

Easy to customize and personalize with the customization options. Also available for the iPad.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Cute Red-Ruffed Lemur With Red And White Fur For Your iPhone Case

This design on both iPhone 3 and 4 Speck hard cases is a custom design that features a red-ruffed lemur (Varecia variegate rubera) indigenous to Madagascar. This species takes its name from the color of its orange red fur. A white patch on the back of its neck is a distinguishing feature. This lemur is standing on logs above a stretch of water; its habitat being tropical rainforest. The lemur is a herbivore, dining on fruit, leaves and nectar flowers.

The Red-Ruffed Lemur is an endangered species; their survival under threat from humans and other predators such as birds of prey and snakes.

This gift is easy to customize and personalize. Click through to the product page to use the customize options or the Customize It button for more detailed customization.

Red Ruffed Lemur of Madagascar

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A 70's Style Customizable Clock And Cassette Tape Recorder On Your iPhone or iPad

A Retro Clock Cassette Recorder On Your iPhone and iPad

Turn your plain iPhone or iPad case into a conversation piece with this realistic looking retro cassette recorder with customizable clock. The design features simulated on this off-white case are a built-in audio cassette player with record, play, rewind, fast forward, stop/eject and pause button. There are buttons for the radio (not actually in the design; you'll just have to imagine it), an alarm with sensor snooze button, microphone, and a digital clock with date and time in neon red.

The clock display is customizable so you have the opportunity to personalize your case with a date and time of importance to you before you order.

Perhaps a wedding anniversary, birthday, birth of a child, or a hi-tech version of a Save The Date magnet or card for a wedding or as a wedding gift?

Also available on iPad Speck Hard Case

Monday, May 9, 2011

A Natural Bark Of Pine Tree Effect On Your iPhone

Pine Forest And Nature Reminder On Your Mobile Phone Case

This design features a close up photograph of the natural bark covering the trunk of a pine tree in Scandinavia. The bark, with its warm hues of brown and orange, is roughly textured with age. You can almost smell the resin from the pine trees and feel the effect of nature around you.

Easy to customize with the Customize It button when you click through the image to the product customization page. An ideal companion to your iPhone or iPad when you need a reminder of rural nature and forests in your busy mobile urban lifestyle.

Available as custom designs on Speck hard cases for the iPhone 3G, iPhone 4 Verizon and AT&T compatible and the iPad.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Waldrapp Ibis Black Feathered Bird On iPhone 3G and 4

Endangered Ibis Bird Famed in Ancient Egypt On Your iPhone 3G and iPhone 4

The Waldrapp ibis, also known as the Northern Bald ibis, with black feathers, a long pink curved beak, red hued face and a bald forehead with a dash of feathers, is critically endangered. There are only about 250 of these birds in the wild, their natural habitats being the cliffs and coastlines of Morocco, Turkey and Syria.

They may be more familiar to you from ancient history as the bird was known in ancient Egypt as the crested ibis and appears on Egyptian hieroglyphs and tomb art.

The design is also available for the iPad.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Architect Engineer Drafting Tools on Your iPhone 3G or iPhone 4 Case

Metal Drafting Tools For Builders And Designers On Green Velvet

The design features a typical set of drafting tools that engineers, architects, draftsmen and those in the building trades industry would use in architectural and engineering design work. The instruments are laid out on a base of rich green velvet as a boxed set, and comprise an assortment of adjustable protractors, drafting compasses and dividers. An ideal nostalgic gift for those in the engineering industry, in architecture and building design and schools.

Easy to customize and personalize. Also available on the iPod Speck hard case.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Vintage Helsinki Harbor Finland on Your iPhone

Helsingfors Helsinki Harbour Ships and City 19th Century

This design features a line drawing print of Helsinki Harbor (Helsingfors) in the early 1800's with tall masted sailing ships in the harbour. The print, in the designer's possession, probably dates from before 1830 as the building in the centre in the background is not the present Helsinki Cathedral (Helsingin tuomiokirkko ). The building shown may be the Church of Ulrika Eleonora which previously stood on the site of the Cathedral.

This design appears on a range of gifts including the iPad and all are easy to customize.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Zodiac Themed iPhone Custom Cases For The Undecided

If you aren't sure what kind of iPhone or iPad might suit as a gift for a loved one a custom personalized iPhone or iPad case gift based on their astrological star sign will always be a winner. It's a bit more personal than just adding custom text to a case as it will reflect the personality of its user and show that you have put some thought into the selection of the gift.

The Zazzle Zodiac Shop currently has 72 iPhone and iPad designs featuring signs of the zodiac in a range of over 1000 gifts on more than 30 different types of product for you to choose from. All the gifts are fully customizable and easy to personalize for your family and friends.

Businesses and community groups may also customize the products with their logos and messages, buy in bulk with discount, and re-sell to support their cause.

Zodiac Themed iPhone and iPad Cases To Customize and Personalize

All the iPhone and iPad cases are fully customizable and easy to personalize. Just choose a star sign, select a case and personalize it to your taste. Here we show a small sample of the designs, all available on iPhone 3, iPhone 4 and iPad Speck hard cases. Click on the links below any image to visit and see all the designs that are available.

Visit The Zodiac Shop On Zazzle

Click on the link below, select a star sign and start customizing your next gift today.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Royal Wedding Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Will and Kate iPhone Case

This range of gifts commemorates the wedding of Prince William and his wife, now titled HRH Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, as the married couple prepare for honeymoon and a royal lifestyle together as Prince and his princess, the Duchess of Cambridge

These are in addition to the commemorative Royal Wedding Day gifts and include iPhone and iPad cases, mousepads and glassware, as well as silver plated necklaces as souvenirs, all now reflecting the royal couple's status as Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

Here are more examples of the Royal Wedding collection

Monday, May 2, 2011